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Nautical gifts for the sailor in your life


Nautical gifts for the sailor in your life

Nautical items remind us of a bygone era that have a classical style in everything, a style that is another name of beauty and elegance. Nautical themed home/boat decor and gifts create a lovely impression on both giver and taker. 

Nautical items include brass bells, cabin lamps, clocks & barometers, compasses, porthole mirrors, ship’s telegraphs, time and tide clocks, nautical lamps, and my favourite, a ships decanter. Exclusive designs and availability in varied shapes and sizes the make these one of the highly demanded products in the market. Original nautical antiques are also available in the market including nautical equipment and painting. (Click on the links to order or view)

What are nautical items?

Nautical items

Nautical items

Nautical means anything concerning with the sailors or navigators and so are the nautical items. Earlier, a wide variety of products are designed and developed to provide ultimate facilities to the sailors. These products range from bells to lamps, charts to clocks, and tables to decorative items. Various types of products were carried on ship to facilitate comfort to the sailors on the journeys that took months or even years. This type of product has lost its original functionality but has not lost its charm and aura, due to which, these are still craved among the buyers for their uniqueness, creativity, style, design, and somewhat uses.

Variety of marine items

Some nautical items are widely demanded such as marine clocks, wall clocks, paper weight watches, wooden magnifiers, iron & wooden handicrafts, globes, wind-wanes, porthole clocks, hourglass, key chain, rain-gauge, and nautical rugs. One can also engrave their names or numbers on these items as per their choice. There are few dealers in the market who trade in authentic nautical antiques. It is not difficult to identify the original ones from the artificial as the authentic marine items always carry some kind of trademark like name of a person, year of manufacturing, and so forth. Obviously, large variations in prices can be witnessed.

How to get the right marine products in the market

There are many manufacturers, who design and develop a vast range of nautical products. 

Advancement in technology has introduced these manufacturers on the internet thereby creating online nautical stores where a vast range of items are available in accordance with the preferences of the customers. Marine products suit all kinds of interiors and thus the products are widely appreciated and demanded in the national and international markets.

Choose the perfect nautical gifts

Buying a gift? You can opt for something exclusive, an entirely different range that defines your interest, research, patience, and lots of love for the receiver. What can be better than nautical items? Not convinced! Why not? Nautical items have the charm that is rare and difficult to get elsewhere. There is a touch of adventure in the nautical products, something that makes a relation exciting, reminiscence of an era, a very important aspect which keep the love alive, and interest, which is another element in a relation after love. What say? Nautical items have the aura, an appeal, and a charm which attracts everybody. It acts as a perfect symbol of perseverance, as a style that was present before and after.

What to gift and to whom?


While selecting a gift, you have to decide the items according to the person as you can give your spouse the perfect nautical furniture, nautical lamps, nautical docks, and more. For your beloved or someone really close, you can go for stunning nautical clocks, nautical table top gift items, marine sand timer, wooden handicrafts, candle holders, nautical lanterns, etc. When gifting your friends, a vast range of items are available like binocular and telescopes, marine globes, wooden games, nautical sextant, marine leather jackets, and so forth.

Some manufacturers also give shape to old nautical products in something new such as boat book cases; wood with rustic look is carved in home decor, nautical era style ships, and more. These products look extremely exclusive and serve as a perfect gift item. Christmas nautical gifts are also available this season so that you can make the person feel really special. The products are designed as per the taste and preferences of the customers. You can also go for special engravings on the products like names and numbers of the person in stunning designs.

Where to find the right marine gift items?

The list of manufacturers designing and developing attractive range of marine gift items is endless. The products are exclusively designed as per the latest market trends while keeping the authenticity in the mind. All the nautical items are uniquely manufactured to make the one remind the bygone era. There is an essence of the previous time in the products, reminisce can be witnessed in each of the nautical products in the market. With the advent of online stores, a wide variety of nautical items can be bought with just few clicks that too at competitive prices. 

What are nautical instruments?

However, let us first clarify ourselves with the nautical. Literally, it means anything concerning with sailors or navigators. Herein, sailors used to carry a wide range of products during the journey for research, daily requirement, and maximum comfort. These types of products includes barometers, compasses, telegraphs, charts, globes, nautical clocks, nautical watches, nautical paper weight marine lighting, marine furniture, nautical rugs, and more. From the list, we can easily find the categorization as items from barometers to nautical clocks fit into the term instruments. These types of instruments were used for scientific research during the journey or to scientifically support the journey, as without these it would be difficult to find the exact time, location, and area on the sea.

Nautical spotlights – new item for home decor

Exclusive range of nautical spotlights are available that serve as a perfect home decor. These spotlights can be placed indoors or outdoors as per your preferences. The specialty of these lights is they can adjust in any interior and exterior owing to their nautical designs. Herein, nautical means that which concerns with the sailors. The spotlights were previously designed to provide light on ships or to focus on any object during the journey. In that era, travelers were used to carry a vast range of items on ships as the journeys were of many months or even years. From home decor like wall paintings to necessity like tableware, furniture, lamps, etc. Were carried on the ship to assure maximum comfort. The travelers were then provided with the items so that they can ensure a comfortable lifestyle.

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