Every little helps!

Putting together the videos is more than just time consuming, it turns out, it’s quite expensive too! For any of you lovely viewers who want to help support us and contribute to our video making endeavours, we have a few options set up:

Firstly we have a couple of affiliate programs set up.

  1. Amazon;  We all use Amazon, one of the best shopping sites out there, convenient, quick and they deliver almost everywhere. Don’t like what you’ve bought? Their no quibble returns policy is second to none!  So how can you help us? Quite simply, if you are going to make any purchase on the Amazon web site just click on the banner below and we will receive a small percentage commission directly from Amazon on anything you spend. It doesn’t cost you anything but supports us by putting a few coppers into our account which helps to provide internet connection so we can keep uploading videos for your entertainment.

  2. SkyRoam unlimited wifi Data

    We have just been introduced to this amazing device. Unlimited wifi data provided in 110 countries using the Skyroam Solis dongle which also doubles up as a battery bank so you can charge your phone/tablet on the go. You have the option of subscribing (no contract) to a monthly data plan or a daily access plan as and when you need it. 4G speeds and no sim cards to worry about. You can connect up to 5 devices via wifi at any time. We have just purchased one with the unlimited data option. Anyone ordering one via this link (click on the image) will help us to earn a small commission from Skyroam and if you use the code CARLANDJENNY at the checkout you will receive a 10%discount!

  3.  Patreon:

    Patreon is a site where you can pledge a certain amount of money per video. It starts from only $1.00 per month. You only pay when we produce a new episode! And you can cap your contributions just in case we get a little crazy and put out a lot of videos that month. This is a great way to support us directly and you get a few rewards for doing so. Click on the link or the image below.  https://www.patreon.com/carlandjenny

  4. PayPal:A few of you have asked how to buy us a beer or send in a one-time donation.  Just click on the button.
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  5. We now have a Ko-Fi account where you can just buy us a coffee. We’ll drink it thinking of you.
  6. Topcashback

    We are members of TopCashback, and we’ve made some great savings so far on our online shopping. There are no catches, and it’s completely free to join. So, why don’t you join too?
    All you do is go to your favourite shopping sites via their app or webpage and you automatically receive cash back. We just booked parking for Manchester airport on the official Manchester Airport webpage, but got to it via the Topcashback website and received £12.60 cashback just for booking!! It seems silly not to take advantage. Some sites only give pence back but it all adds up. So far this last couple of months we have been paid out just under £100.00. Thats free money because we would have bought the items anyway. Also if you refer friends you get cashback for that also. Everyones a winner! Want to join? click on this link
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