Latest Video

Latest Video

You may already be aware we have our own You Tube channel where we have an ever growing number of videos. However, you can watch our latest video right here.

We are currently trying to build our subscribers to our You Tube channel
If you aren’t already a subscriber please click on the link above, visit the channel and click on the subscribe button. If you click on the notification bell also you will get a reminder when we have published a new episode or we are going live.

As well as our You Tube videos we also release weekly Patron only videos on our Patreon site. These videos vary from Q & A style videos to hints and tips. On the Q & A videos we discuss and answer questions sent in by our Patrons.  We call this series of videos our D-Log (short for Dream Log). You can join in and get the videos and many other rewards at

What next?

Please visit our channel by clicking on the video below or following the links on this site. We try to upload regular videos of what we’ve been up to. This page will update with the latest published video.

When we can we put out regular Sunday Sundowners live chats usually on Sunday 8pm UK time. On here we are usually joined by quite a few people and have a chat, and a laugh. We cannot guarantee these though as it all depends on our internet connection at the time.

Here’s our latest public video out on YouTube now. Please give it a thumbs up, leave us a comment and if you’re feeling really good, subscribe to the channel. Enjoy.

If you would like to help support our channel take a look at our support us page.