We are shortly coming up for retirement and looking forward to fulfilling our plans. In 2017¬†we are selling up, buying a boat, a sailing boat, and moving onto it to fulfil our lifetime dreams of sailing around as much of the world as we can. We don’t have a time limit, no set plans and will take each stage as it comes. This site will document the trials and tribulations along the way, both good and bad, running up to our day of departure. The adventure will then start and we want you to experience that journey with us. We love to travel and from 2017/2018 will be exploring the world by sail and prior to setting off in 2017/2018 some of it by motorcycle. Our dream is to travel the world and make documentaries of our lifestyle for your enjoyment! We have plans to bring you new videos every month that tells stories about our preparations for our cruising life and maybe some of our motorcycle adventures. We’ll also put in a few videos of our day to day things so that you can get to know us a bit more! Hopefully this will be entertaining as well as informative for any of you who are thinking of doing something similar. Please feel free to leave comments on our blog and SUBSCRIBE to our You tube page to keep up to date and don’t miss an episode. We will aim to put out a monthly film but don’t hold us to that in the early days! Carl & jenny x