A time lapse shot on one of our canal trips last year.

As you know we love sailing, what you might not know is that we also love the life on a canal boat. Since our kids were little we have tried to get at least a week every year away on a canalboat holiday. We have a timeshare which allows us to do that, but on this video a cousin of ours (who owns this particular boat) had just had it refurbished and wanted it given a shakedown cruise. As we were more experienced we offered to take it on a weeks cruise. On the return journey we did have a bit of an engine problem, but luckily it was only half a mile away from a local marina with a repair yard so we were under way again within a few hours.
Here’s a short time lapse of a couple of hours travelling down the Trent and Mersey back towards Shardlow. We have been really lucky in that every time we have been on the canal boat the weather has been really nice. This day was no exception.

Welcome aboard Kwa-Heri.
C & J

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