Big THANK YOU to our You Tube subscribers

As some of you know we are adding more videos to our fairly new You Tube page. As with all things new it takes a while for the momentum to build and getting the word out there to let people know about your channel. We are getting the odd one or two new subscribers each day but it is a lengthy process. So, if you have watched any of our videos and have not yet subscribed would you mind clicking the subscribe button please? It will really help us to get the word out as YouTube use the amount of views and subscribers in the algorithms to rank and recommend different sites. We put a bit of effort into producing something for everyone to watch and would really like to be able to get out to more people, so go on, do it, you know it makes sense 🙂 Also once we get to 100 subscribers we can claim a custom URL for the page rather than the jumble of letters and numbers.

To everyone who has already Subscribed we would just like to say “Thank You”. It makes the work really worth it.

We have also set up a Patreon page where people who enjoy our videos can pledge a small amount per video or per month starting at just $1.00, It doesn’t matter what currency you use normally as the site will do the conversion. As the Patreon is a new thing to us we are still waiting for our first Patron, we are excited to see who that will be. Whoever it is will be getting a big shout out on the first video following their sign up.Patreon


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