Cruising life starts again this week

Cruising life starts again this week

Sailing in Greece

Cruising life starts again this week

At last cruising life starts again this week on SV Dream.

Last month Jen flew back to England to help our daughter move into her new home. We agreed for me to stay here to get a few jobs done on the boat. Our daughter was supposed to have got the keys to the house a couple of days before Jen was arriving, unfortunately there was a delay so no work was being done.

As a surprise, I booked a flight for the following Saturday and turned up unannounced to the delight of everyone. It was a good job because there was so much work that needed doing to the house in addition to painting.

My job’s included, plastering a wall, fitting wall tiles in the kitchen, floor tiles in the bathroom, replacing light fittings and plug sockets and a few other jobs that they wouldn’t have been able to do. We enjoyed our time and even got chance to take a couple of two night breaks away in our camper van.

Back in Crete

So we are now back on the boat and getting ready to set off this week. Looking at the weather window it looks like Thursday morning will be the day to leave the marina. We are still getting the force of the Meltemi winds which are anywhere between 20-38 knots even in the marina. Our plan is to sail to an anchorage a couple of hours away for the shakedown sail, spend a few days there, clean the bottom of the boat and then set off after the weekend for the Dodecanes or Cyclades depending on the most favourable wind direction. If you wonder what weather forecasting software we use here are the 3 main ones, Predict wind

We are really looking forward to getting back out there on the sea. It seems like a lifetime ago since we were coming back to Crete for the winter, but then again it was 10 months ago! At least we can get out this year. We had written any chance of cruising off this year because of the pandemic, let’s all hope that it will soon pass and things get back to normal.

I saw this quote recently and thought it fit our lifestyle and that  I would share it.


“Can you believe that 5 years ago, I used to wear suits everyday!? It’s pretty funny, because now I have a hard time getter over having to wear shoes! It’s interesting how you connect with your environment and nature when you get to see, live it and eat it.

Life is not about how busy you are, it’s all about the intense moments, real friendship, love, skinny dipping and the crazy stories you get to take away when you’re old.”

Fair winds,
Carl and Jenny

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    Jon Parker January 30, 2021

    Oh, what a surprise. I can’t believe that five years ago you used to wear a suit every day. I’m glad you now have a free life and live yourself. Wish you have many exciting journeys in the future.

  2. Reply
    George Longstaff August 17, 2020

    Glad to hear your both ok! Let’s get back to the video making then!
    Missed you guys
    Stay safe
    Calm seas fair winds


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