Starting to adapt to a new way of life!

So thats it, the end of an era! Today is day one of both me and Jenny being retired! I officially retired on the 6th March although my last working day was about three weeks ago, and Jenny finished yesterday. Today i’m having to pull her reigns in and get her to adapt to slowing down a little bit. We have for all our working lives been fixed to shift patterns, timetables, strict schedules etc, but as from today that has come to an end. We have been very fortunate that this week we have been able to pay off all of our outstanding debts, cleared our mortgage and can now say, in the words of Dave Ramsey …. “WE”RE DEBT FREEEEEEE!!” and boy does that feel good. A few holidays to take that we’ve had booked over the next few months and then its boat buying time. Between now and then though, we have got to finish sorting out all of our belongings, deciding what we need to keep and what we don’t and minimise on everything so that the day we move onto the boat, everything will fit on!

So what’s been the typical day for me since I finished? Well, because i’ve had a pretty hectic job and quite a stressful one at times my biggest change has being slowing down, i’m getting used to it a bit now although now Jen has finished as well, the pace will probably pick up again lol! So, at the moment, wake up around 7.30am, and start with a 10 minute meditation session, a nice cup of tea (Earl Grey or green tea with lemon), a quick check through emails on my iPhone, social media and then check YouTube for any new uploads from the channels I subscribe to. Sometimes a second cuppa and then its time to face the day. Last year I started doing DDP Yoga which I really enjoyed so i’ve started doing that again, alternating with a new workout plan – the TRX suspension straps. If you’ve not heard of these then Google them and have a look on YouTube. Really easy and can be used almost anywhere, especially on a boat, one of the reasons we bought them. I got these off E-bay, brand new for around £15.00 but they sell for $185.00 so we got a good deal 🙂 Once thats out of the way a nice shower.

It’s then time for breakfast and a few household chores and then its been sorting through our stuff, doing some planning and a bit of time spent reading.
Here’s a link to 10 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Everyday I have been reading on average 3-4 books a month, in addition to reference books for studying and research. It’s surprising how much you can read and how much you learn in just a short time each day.

We will be visiting one of our favourite cities soon, Amsterdam, and aim to have a look around the Maritime museum. We’ll be taking the GoPro with us so will get some footage and put together a short video of the trip. We’ve not been for a while so looking forward to it.

Well, i’m going to finish off my cup of tea and watch the rest of the Live Extreme Sailing program. Have a great day everyone.

C & J


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    Rod August 21, 2017

    Hi guys, just stopped here to say something that put me off your channel, and because I see you guys with good intentions decided to leave this message for your consideration.
    Vid 1 survey: At a certain point you are waiting for the surveyor in the morning and refer to their lateness as “manhana” with a clear disdain in your facial expressions.
    No, British punctuality is not better is just a different way, please do appreciate that several different cultures have different responses to time and the relationship with time.
    Best of luck

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      carlandjenny October 3, 2017

      Hi Rod,
      Thank you for taking time to comment.
      Our intention wasn’t to make the British punctuality seem any better. We have travelled to many countries over the years and respect that other cultures have different ways, and we are quite happy with that. One of the reasons we are buying a boat is to experience other cultures.
      However, we were’t waiting to be served in a bar, we were paying someone a considerable amount of money for their services, and we had agreed a time for those services to start. So it is not unreasonable to expect them to be on time. Thats not a cultural issue that is a good business practice issue. We have run our own businesses for some years at home and abroad and if we say we will start at a particular time then we would be expected to do so, regardless of the country.
      Having said that we are pretty laid back with most things and try to laugh most things off. I hope this explains why we felt like we did.
      Carl and Jenny

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