We love our cups of tea!

Well for anyone who knows us, they will agree that we do like our tea! I (Carl) like my Twinings Green tea with lemon, Earl Grey and i’m also fond of a cup of chamomile tea to finish the day off. I obviously like a normal cup of tea as well with a spot of milk.

So, being tea drinkers, we also get through a few cups and mugs. Yesterday, whilst browsing over the internet I found some mugs online where you can upload your own design, and have some made for you without having to order a silly amount.

I have recently put together a new logo that we are using on our Social media stuff which you may have already seen so i’ve used that with a bit of text and come up with this design. both images will be on one cup. Let us know what you think, we like them.

cup front

cup rear








If you fancy having a go yourself and would like to know where to get them from, drop a comment below and we’ll be in touch.

Have a great day.

Carl & Jenny


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