Another day practical training for Jenny

We had no particular plans today, plan was to spend time chilling out in the garden, seeing as the weather was supposed to be “okay”. However we woke up and it was beautiful weather with a nice breeze blowing. Yep, you guessed it, perfect sailing weather. What better way to get some chillaxing done and forget about the stresses of everyday life than to get out on the water. A quick telephone call to the sailing club to double check the weather conditions up there and the sailing times and it was time to fill the flask, grab some fruit for lunch, pack the cameras and off we set. 45 minutes later we were waiting on the jetty to be taken out to the mooring.

Filming on board

Filming on board

We had a lovely day sailing, taking it in turns to skipper and film.  Jenny got to practice some stronger wind helming in the gusts that developed later on. She also got to navigate around a lot of other boats as there were a large number of Laser dinghy’s racing. All good fun, finished off by a perfect mooring manoeuvre 🙂

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Carl & Jenny.

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