Update on our sailing plans and whats been happening this week!

Well firstly, whats been happening this week? Well without putting to much of a downer on it Carl has been pretty much out of action with illness. He started on Thursday last week feeling a little bit off it. By Saturday it was really getting to him to the point where he ended up coming home early and by 5pm he was in bed. He stayed there until Monday, eating only a slice of melon and a slice of toast. Tuesday he managed to get up and lay down outside on a reclining chair in the shade. Just standing up was an effort, I cant remember seeing him so ill.
Today he has looked a bit better and managed to eat some proper food, but he is still quite weak. He’s lost 10lb in weight since last Monday.
We are riding down to Slovenia on our Harley Davidson starting Sunday for 9 days so hopefully he will be fully fit by then.

Update on our sailing training.
So Carl did his Dayskipper and Yachtmaster theory a few years ago, and since then we have had a few trailer sailor boats. Although from the experience and previous theory exams Carl has, he wants to do the courses again with me for revision. So this week, I have signed up for the Dayskipper theory course. It’s an online study at home course by www.navathome.com I have six months to complete the course and take the exam. Then we have booked a practical Dayskipper course with SailiIonian.com for April 2017. We are both going to do the course and exam and have also booked the boat, a Bavaria 41 to charter for the week following our course. We will be doing the course in the Ionian sea, Greece. We’re both really looking forward to doing it. Before that, Carl will be doing his VHF marine radio exam and we are both looking at doing a marine diesel course over the winter period. That should leave us all set up for purchasing our own yacht early next year. In the meantime, we will be doing as much sailing in the Parker 21 that we can fit in, and not forgetting the charter we have booked in October this year.

Lots to do & lots to learn, but with a worthwhile target.
Hopefully we will be putting together a new video once we are back from Slovenia.

Jenny x

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