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Part 2 of our Atlantic Charter trip

Following on from our last entry, we get aboard the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36 and set sail from Plymouth.

Scott who was crewing with us started to feel a bit under the weather after an hour or so, although the sea state was quite rough and we had some strong winds.

We eventually got around the coast and moored up in Salcombe for the night. All in all we had a great day sailing. We did post this video up on both our Patreon site and our You tube channel a couple of weeks ago, but in case you missed it here it is again. Hope you enjoy it, if you do please give us a thumbs up. If you want a reminder for our next video then please subscribe to our You tube channel and if you really really like our stuff consider becoming one of our Patrons. Info in the video or on our You tube page or you can fin details on this website on the support us section.
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Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Carl & Jenny

We set off to Plymouth for our week long yacht charter

We have had this charter booked for some time now along with some friends of ours, one of which is an established and experienced skipper. This helped to put Jenny’s mind at rest knowing that we had an experienced skipper aboard.

Join us in part 1 as we prepare to set off, the journey down and the provisioning of the boat!

We have 4 parts in all to the week so check back soon for the next episode. Don’t forget if you join our Patrons then yo get to see our videos earlier than everyone else, along with the other incentives and gifts.

Hope you enjoy this episode, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Carl & Jenny.

We stumble across a naturist beach… Well “When in Rome”!!!!

As we posted a few days ago we spent a few days staying in a hotel on Poole Quay whilst visiting the Southampton Boat show. You can see our video by clicking on our previous blog post or by watching here
The day after the boat show we visited the lovely town of Wareham, a place we have spent many holidays when our kids were younger. We used to visit a couple of times a year taking our touring caravan along with our inflatable dinghy and outboard engine. We spent many an evening motoring up and down the River frome, the kids loved it.River Frome

We then decided to go for a drive to the beach, we stumbled across the naturist section, so seeing as it was a nice day, we decided, if you can’t beat them join them πŸ™‚
Poole Chain FerryAfter a couple of hours though the cloud came over and caused the temperature to drop, so we made our way back to the car, had a drive over the chain ferry and went back to the hotel. We spent a couple of hours sat on the quayside watching the world go by with a nice bottle of wine.


We stumble across a naturist beach and visit Wareham Quay – A C&J Extra

We finished the weekend off by visiting Wareham Quay again on the Sunday morning and treated ourselves to a lovely Full English breakfast before it was time to start the long drive home.Wareham Quay
After a 4 hour drive along with a 40 minute delay due to an accident on the motorway, we arrived home safe and well.

It was a brilliant long weekend and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We are now looking forward to our Atlantic trip starting this Sunday. Check back here to find out how we got on.

Carl and Jenny

We get featured on the “Have Wind Will Travel” Blog

As some of you may already know we have our own Patreon page where you can become one of our Patrons and contribute towards the making of our videos. Well we also contribute to other Patron sites, one of our favourites being “Have Wind Will Travel’
Well Annie who runs the site has recently uploaded a feature length film of their crossing across the Atlantic and very kindly made it available to all her Patrons. So The day it was released we made plans to watch it that night.
We enjoyed the film so much we decided to write a review and send it to Annie. Well today Annie has featured our review on her blog. If you want to read what we thought click on the link below and it will take you to Annie’s blog page. You might then want to nipover to her Patreon page, become a Patron and then you too could be one of the lucky viewers to see this film in its entirety. You amy also want to nip over to our Patreon site also πŸ™‚

Heres the link for her blog

Have a great day folks.
Carl and Jenny

Our trip to the Southampton Boat show

On Thursday we set off from home to the south coast where we had planned to spend a few days at one of our favourite places on the Dorset coast, Wareham and Poole. We had booked a hotel right on the sea front at Poole Quay, it couldnt have been in a better position. We arrived just after lunch after a steady drive down, checked in, unloaded the bags then made our way onto the seafront terrace where we spent a couple of hours with a nice bottle of red wine relaxing watching the boats.
Following morning we were off to the boat show where we met up with some other YouTuber sailors, Paul and Lucy from S/V Patience. We had a great day at the show and made new friends.
Here’s a video of the day. Please give it a thumbs up if you like it, and even better, subscribe to our channel.
Carl and Jenny

Off to the boat show

Carl has spent the last four days touring the Scottish Highlands on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. The NorthCoast 500 is a bucket list ride that Carl has now ticked off. He rode a lot more than 500 miles, that was just the route. Overall he’s averaged just under 400 miles a day for the last four days so when he got home last night he was whacked.
We are now packing again tonight as first thing tomorrow we are setting off for four days in Poole, Dorset, pulling in a day out at the Southampton boat show.

Poole has been a favourite place of ours for years, especially when our kids were younger, we spent many holidays down there when we had a touring caravan. It will be really nice to get back down there to see how the place has changed.

We are obviously looking forward to the boat show and will hopefully pick up a bargain or two in the clothing sections as we are booked on a charter in just a few weeks and need some new offshore coats. Watch this space.

We will be putting a video together from the trip so that should be online initially for a Patreon supporters a few days before general release. If you want to be one of the earlybird viewers then you can become one of our Patrons by clicking HERE!

Have a great week.

john o groats

The wind picks up!

We spent the afternoon out on the boat. Today the wind was blowing a nice steady force 3 gusting 4-5 at times, so it was ideal for Jen to get a bit of experience in the higher winds. Although we shared the helming, Jen spent more time helming than crewing. The video doesn’t show the wind as being as strong as it actually was. We had a great day out on the boat as you’ll see in the video. Hope you enjoy it.

On a separate note we now have a couple of Patrons who have joined us so a big thank you to them. If you would like to join but not sure whats its about you can click on the link below which will take you to our Patreon site and find out what its all about.
Carl & Jenny

Big THANK YOU to our You Tube subscribers

As some of you know we are adding more videos to our fairly new You Tube page. As with all things new it takes a while for the momentum to build and getting the word out there to let people know about your channel. We are getting the odd one or two new subscribers each day but it is a lengthy process. So, if you have watched any of our videos and have not yet subscribed would you mind clicking the subscribe button please? It will really help us to get the word out as YouTube use the amount of views and subscribers in the algorithms to rank and recommend different sites. We put a bit of effort into producing something for everyone to watch and would really like to be able to get out to more people, so go on, do it, you know it makes sense πŸ™‚ Also once we get to 100 subscribers we can claim a custom URL for the page rather than the jumble of letters and numbers.

To everyone who has already Subscribed we would just like to say “Thank You”. It makes the work really worth it.

We have also set up a Patreon page where people who enjoy our videos can pledge a small amount per video or per month starting at just $1.00, It doesn’t matter what currency you use normally as the site will do the conversion. As the Patreon is a new thing to us we are still waiting for our first Patron, we are excited to see who that will be. Whoever it is will be getting a big shout out on the first video following their sign up.Patreon


We love our cups of tea!

Well for anyone who knows us, they will agree that we do like our tea! I (Carl) like my Twinings Green tea with lemon, Earl Grey and i’m also fond of a cup of chamomile tea to finish the day off. I obviously like a normal cup of tea as well with a spot of milk.

So, being tea drinkers, we also get through a few cups and mugs. Yesterday, whilst browsing over the internet I found some mugs online where you can upload your own design, and have some made for you without having to order a silly amount.

I have recently put together a new logo that we are using on our Social media stuff which you may have already seen so i’ve used that with a bit of text and come up with this design. both images will be on one cup. Let us know what you think, we like them.

cup front

cup rear








If you fancy having a go yourself and would like to know where to get them from, drop a comment below and we’ll be in touch.

Have a great day.

Carl & Jenny


Another day practical training for Jenny

We had no particular plans today, plan was to spend time chilling out in the garden, seeing as the weather was supposed to be “okay”. However we woke up and it was beautiful weather with a nice breeze blowing. Yep, you guessed it, perfect sailing weather. What better way to get some chillaxing done and forget about the stresses of everyday life than to get out on the water. A quick telephone call to the sailing club to double check the weather conditions up there and the sailing times and it was time to fill the flask, grab some fruit for lunch, pack the cameras and off we set. 45 minutes later we were waiting on the jetty to be taken out to the mooring.

Filming on board

Filming on board

We had a lovely day sailing, taking it in turns to skipper and film. Β Jenny got to practice some stronger wind helming in the gusts that developed later on. She also got to navigate around a lot of other boats as there were a large number of Laser dinghy’s racing. All good fun, finished off by a perfect mooring manoeuvre πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoy the video. Please, if you haven’t done already, visit our YouTube channel and click on subscribe. Once we get to a 100 subscribers we can claim a custom url from YouTube plus you will know when we publish a new video.

Carl & Jenny.